Explosion Proof Zero Speed Switches

Operating Range: 2100 EP Series — 4 to 2000 RPM, 8100 EP Series — 0.5 to 25 RPM
沙巴体育DAZIC® 2100 EP and 8100 EP Series explosion proof electromechanical rotary motion control zero speed switches monitor the rotary motion of equipment when interlocked as part of a conveyor system, or other shaft-driven process components in hazardous locations. The switches ensure that if one machine deviates or fails, the switch will:

  • Actuate a signal or alarm device
  • Break a circuit to a motor
  • Make a circuit to start auxiliary equipment
  • Make or break a circuit to other electrical devices
  • Signal a control station or PLC

Speed Switch devices coupled to a corresponding shaft, must be properly mounted and aligned to avoid putting extra load on DAZIC bearings, which may cause premature failure. The use of installation accessories such as Mounting Brackets and K-Couplings provide a secure foundation and eliminate misalignment connection problems. Need assistance choosing the appropriate speed switch? Fill out the Application Data Sheet and a Sales Engineer will help determine which switch is right for your specific application. Dazic® Application Data Sheet

Dazic® Application Data Sheet
2100 EP and 8100 EP Series
Shaft Diameter1/2″ (1.27 cm)
Driver Torque Required.0208 ft-lb (4 in-oz) (.0282 Nm)
Temperature Tolerance-40°F to +250°F
-40°C to +121°C
Housing OptionsCast Aluminum
NEMA Rating7/9
Mounting OptionsBase Mount
Dimensions (L x W x H)7.29″ x 6.55″ x 5.93″ (18.52 cm x 16.64 cm x 15.06 cm)
Wiring Contact OptionsSPDT, DPDT, SPDT(2)
Weight13 lbs. (5.9 kg)


沙巴体育It takes just 5 clicks to fill out our Data Application sheet. Our Sales Engineer can then recommend the best speed switch for your specific needs.